Remember Me Thursday Roundup: The Cats We Featured

Yesterday was Remember Me Thursday, and we hope you enjoyed seeing the Internet and social media filled with happy adoption stories and pictures of critters looking for homes!

We shared several cats available for adoption through Rescue Angels of Southern Maryland yesterday on our Facebook and Instagram. All of these cats have been in foster care with Rescue Angels for several months.

If you’d like to know more about any of these kitties, email Rescue Angels at


We’re partial to black cats here at Three Irish Cats, so Raz is our first feature cat of the day! He’s a sweet young adult kitty who has been in foster care with Rescue Angels of Southern Maryland for several months. Raz is chirpy and chatty, and if you’re lucky, he’ll even show you his tummy!



Clarice watched her siblings go off to loving homes months ago, and she is still waiting. She even made a friend in foster care, senior guy Jack, and he got adopted, too! Clarice can be a bit standoffish at first; she just wants to make sure you’re OK before she lets you in. She needs her space, but she also loves to play and will come looking for attention.



This gray beauty is Padme! She’s a young adult tabby with lots of purrsonality. She has a bit of a limp, but she doesn’t let it get her down. Padme has been in foster care for a few months, and she would love a home to call her own.



Orange cat alert! 3-year-old Nino was saved from the shelter by Rescue Angels of Southern Marylandearlier this year, and he’s been in foster care ever since waiting to find his forever home. He’s a bit shy at first, but give him a few minutes to warm up, and you have a head-butting, purr machine who loves to snuggle!



Sweet Aurora has watched the kittens at her foster home get adopted, and she wonders when it is going to be her turn! Aurora is 7 and was surrendered with her sister Alexis (also available for adoption) a while ago. Aurora is affectionate and snuggly, and she has the sweetest mew.



Remember Me Thursday: The Three Irish Cats’ Story

When our cat Aoife died in June 2015, we were going to wait a few months before adopting again. Aoife had been sick for a long time, and her decline was tough on everyone.

We made it through the summer, realizing quickly how empty the house felt without someone furry around.


So that Labor Day Weekend, we visited the Humane Society of Charles County, just to see who they had. Of course, we had some rules:

  • No kittens
  • No long-haired cats
  • No more than two cats

You know how well that worked out. 😉

In the cat room that night, we met lots of wonderful kitties, but two older kittens in a cage together kept drawing us in. “Pantha” was solid black, and “OJ” was orange and white. Both were shy but craving affection.

Next door, the cage of a two-year-old long-haired orange cat named “Rascal” was open. Rascal was going in and out of all the other cages and sampling everyone’s food. We learned that he had already been adopted out once and returned for sneezing. (Silly, eh?)


Oh, and while he was out and about, Rascal made friends with my husband. (You can see where this is going ….)

We loved all three, but we had to go home and talk about it. We really only wanted two cats.

The next morning, I was volunteering at the humane society’s carnival, and we went in early so we could visit the cats again. By that point, we had decided to adopt the two kittens if they were still available; they weren’t siblings, but they were in a cage together, and we didn’t want to separate them.

“So, we’ll adopt the two kittens?” I said to my husband. Rule No. 1 broken.

“Yes,” he said, and paused.

“And Rascal.”


And just like that, my husband, who was not really a cat guy when he and I met, had added a third cat to our family. My husband, whose heart has been broken when our orange cat Rory died in 2013, had found a new friend to love.

Bam. Down with rules 2 and 3.

Two years later, we can’t imagine it any other way! We broke all of our rules, and we couldn’t be happier. Pantha became Aine, OJ became Emmett, and Rascal became Seamus, though “Rascal” should be his middle name.

Aine, Emmett, and Seamus are three of the lucky ones. Across the country, nearly 3 million cats and dogs each year aren’t so lucky. Feral cats are even less lucky. So today, on Remember Me Thursday, we hope you’ll take some time to remember the millions of homeless pets across the country looking for love – and remember the rescue the next time you want to bring a furry family member into your home.

What is your pets’ adoption story? Tell us in the comments!

What is Remember Me Thursday?

Did you know that just a third of pets in the United States come from rescue organizations and shelters?

And that nearly 3 million animals in shelters die every year waiting for a forever home?

I learned those stats on the Helen Woodward Animal Center’s Remember Me Thursday website, and they really gave me pause. I knew from my rescue volunteering that millions of animals die each year waiting to be adopted. But I am absolutely shocked that only 30 percent of pets are rescues.

The purpose of Remember Me Thursday, which will be celebrated on Thursday, Sept. 28, is to bring attention to the millions of animals that are currently in shelters or under the care of rescue organizations. They’re waiting for their forever homes, and they need our help to tell the world about them.

Seamus rocks a Remember Me Thursday bandanna.

Remember Me Thursday was created by Helen Woodward Animal Center CEO Mike Arms five years ago. Since then, famous faces, well-known animals, and blogs like ours have joined together to spread the word about pet adoption. And guess what? You can get involved, too!

Here are a few things you can do:

  • Post about Remember Me Thursday and animal rescue on your social media accounts on Sept. 28. Use the hashtags #RememberMeThursday and #RememberTheRescue.
  • Enter the Remember the Rescue Contest! Share your rescue pets’ pictures using the hashtags, and a rescue organization of your choice could win food and money! Enter the contest here.
  • Light a candle (real or virtual) in honor of the pets who have lost their lives and for those who are looking for homes. Post it to your social media!
  • Adopt! We can’t think of a better way to celebrate.


We’re excited to post all about rescue pets next Thursday. We’ll tell Aine, Emmett, and Seamus’ adoption story and share pictures of animals available for adoption here in Southern Maryland on our Facebook page and Instagram. (Follow us!) We even got this cool kit so we can represent Remember Me Thursday while we’re out and about.

Thanks to the Helen Woodward Animal Center for this cool kit!

We hope you’ll join us and share your pet adoption stories, too!

Every Animal Deserves an “Adoptiversary”

Earlier this week, the Three Irish Cats marked their “adoptiversary.” That’s the day that we brought them home with us from the shelter. How those two years have flown by!

I can’t imagine our lives without Aine, Emmett, and Seamus. They make me smile and laugh every day, and when I am feeling sad, nothing is more calming than a cat sitting by my side. Seamus sleeps on my pillow at night, and Emmett sleeps against my side. Aine prefers her space most nights, but when the weather gets chilly, she curls up on my side of the bed, too.

We remind the Three Irish Cats frequently how lucky they are. As you probably know, I volunteer with Rescue Angels of Southern Maryland doing public relations, social media, and feral cat trapping. Our rescue is in contact every day with animals who are not as lucky as my three cats. We get urgent calls for help from the local public shelters when animals in their care have run out of time or are suffering in the shelter environment. These shelters only have so much space, and when space runs out, animals are killed to make room for the new animals coming in.

Every animal deserves an adoptiversary. The Three Irish Cats and I will be marking the Helen Woodward Animal Center’s Remember Me Thursday on Thursday, Sept. 28. On this day – and in the days leading up to it – blogs and social media pages like Three Irish Cats will shine a light on homeless pets, both those looking for homes and those who died waiting.


Remember Me Thursday seems especially timely this year as shelters across Texas and Florida grapple with the effects of devastating hurricanes. Shelter pets are being sent to rescue organizations across the country to make room for abandoned and lost pets in storm areas. Here in Southern Maryland, four organizations (that we know of!) have taken in shelter pets from the Houston area:

Whether you adopt, foster, or donate, these groups need our help to provide loving temporary and permanent homes. Plus, with Hurricane Irma bearing down on Florida this weekend, there will no doubt be more pets needing our help.

You can learn more about the work these organizations are doing at the links above. And, find out how you can participate in Remember Me Thursday here!