Making the First Move

I had a great plan for how this move was going to go for the Three Irish Cats. I read articles from Cole and Marmalade and paid attention when Jackson Galaxy gave moving tips on a recent episode of “My Cat from Hell.”

The plan: Set up a “base camp” room here at the new house with the cats’ favorite and familiar things. Their cat tree, beds, and toys. A litter box with used litter. Carriers for hiding. Seamus’ Priority Mail box. (He sits on it all. The. Time.)


The reality: It took us way longer to fill the truck the first day than we expected, and we needed that spare room for storage. The early part of the day went as planned; the cats spent the day in a vacant room at the old house with all of their favorite things. They even had a closet to hide in and a window over the driveway so they could see what the crazy humans were doing.

But they didn’t get to the new house until bedtime, and we stashed them, a litter box, their beds, and toys in the master bedroom for a little bit to chill. Before we let them out to explore, we closed the basement door to limit the places they could roam. (We let them down there after a few days and some cat-proofing.)

It wasn’t ideal, but all’s well that ends well. I think we could have eased their stress — especially Emmett’s — if they had had a less chaotic place to rest. Lucky for them, we have two more chances to get it right — we’ll be moving two more times in the next year or so!

What does each cat think of their temporary new home?

Aine: Silly us for thinking¬†Aine would spend the first few days at the new house under the bed. Nope! Aine has been out and about, but she is more vocal than usual. She’s looking for lots of extra love, and we’re more than happy to give that to her. She loves the sliding glass doors in the basement, and Aine was the first one to spot deer in the backyard a couple of nights ago.

Emmett: Emmett didn’t understand what the heck just happened to him! He was a little more skittish and unsure of himself the first few days in the new house. It sure made him hard to catch when we need to corral the cats for various reasons as we got set up here. Now Emmett is enjoying the new views out the windows, especially the bay window at the front of the house.

Seamus: Seamus doesn’t understand why he had to be locked away with the two fraidy cats. He wants to be out and exploring! There are boxes to occupy, after all! Seamus got to wander around the empty moving truck (less exciting than he thought it would be), and he even escaped on us once and spent a few minutes sniffing the garden at the old house. We’re lucky he didn’t go far!

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