Moving with Cats: Locked Up

Aine would like you to know that she has had an especially rough week.

First, the humans are so busy with house work, that they don’t spend hardly any time sitting on the couch. How’s a cat supposed to lounge when she has to lay on a dresser?

Then, in the ultimate insult, she had to spend most of the day last Friday locked in a bathroom with those crazy orange boys, Emmett and Seamus, while new carpet was installed. And not just those boys — there was a bed foundation in there, too! The carpet install was so loud, and a poor little fraidy cat had to hide in the shower. It was awful for poor Aine!

Yesterday wasn’t so bad because even though she had to be locked up with the boys again, they at least had all of the master bedroom, bathroom, and closet. Even better, the furniture was all in the right place, so the bed was great for laying on and hiding under. The painters were around, and the humans were worried about getting cat hair in the paint.

Like that’s a bad thing!

When will Aine’s life get back to normal? Will she ever get couch time again? We’re almost done preparing the house for sale, so we keep assuring Aine it will get better soon.

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The Three Irish Cats are Moving!

These boxes are perfect for looking out the front window!

We didn’t intend to disappear from blog posting, but life has gotten a little crazy for the Three Irish Cats the last few weeks. You see, their owners are selling the house, and pre-sale prep has kept the Food Lady from important tasks like blogging and researching and posting adorable pictures to Facebook and Instagram every day. (At least she hasn’t forgotten to feed them!)

Rest assured that Aine, Emmett, and Seamus are enjoying quality box time, chasing packing peanuts, and checking out redecorated rooms. We’ll be returning to our normal weekly posting schedule before you know it!