Noona Needs a Home!


Look at beautiful Noona!

This gorgeous gray girl has been in foster care with Rescue Angels of Southern Maryland for several months now, and the Three Irish Cats wanted you to meet her. Noona is a year or two old, and she came into the rescue with Athena, who was adopted a couple of weeks ago. (Hooray for Athena!)


Noona is shy and quiet, and she is fine with kids, adults, and other cats. In foster care, she’s even been OK with chill dogs! Noona is shy and may need time to settle in, but we think you’ll find it’s worth the wait. When she’s comfortable in a home, do you know what Noona loves to do?

Snuggle! Under the covers!


That’s right. Noona will be your bed buddy on these chilly winter nights. When it’s time for bed, Noona is right there.

If you want to meet Noona, email Rescue Angels to set up a meet and greet. We think you’ll fall in love with this pretty, affectionate kitty.


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