Backyard Cat Update

If you follow Three Irish Cats on Instagram and Facebook, you know that we baited the trap for Fireheart on Tuesday night.

And before I went to bed Tuesday, I brought an empty trap inside. Once again, Fireheart has eluded us. The good news is, I see him regularly, so I know he’s still out and about. He’s got himself a reprieve for another 10 days or so, but never fear. When I get back from Thanksgiving, the trap goes out again for him.

Fireheart on the deck last summer.

We do have some news on the other backyard cats we’ve trapped this fall, Bluestar and Ghost!

Bluestar is safely acclimating to her new home with a caretaker who manages a feral colony. While she’s not rushing over for pets and affection, the caretaker tells me that Bluestar doesn’t run away when it’s time to feed and clean the cats’ area. Instead, she sits and stares. I know from experience that Bluestar is a watcher, and I’m happy to hear that she feels comfortable enough to be visible while a human is in her space.

Bluestar in my garage last month.

We have had a Ghost sighting in the neighborhood! I haven’t seen him on my deck lately, but he was never a cat I saw regularly. I think he came late at night or early in the morning when there were no humans around. But, as we were leaving the neighborhood one morning last weekend, my son saw Ghost walking across a neighbor’s yard. We know he is safe and back to prowling his turf.

Ghost last week following his neuter and ear tip.

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