Pet Food Banks in Southern Maryland

102816-petfoodbanksWhen humans go hungry, their pets go hungry, too. And when money gets tight, some folks make the heartbreaking decision to surrender their pet as a money-saving measure.

This is hard on families and animals. We’re lucky in Southern Maryland to have three pet food pantries that work to help pets and their people stay together. Each county has a pet food pantry. Contact them directly if you need assistance or if you’d like to donate.

Calvert County

Contact Jean Radeackar at the Calvert Well Pet Clinic at 443-295-7873. You can also find the Calvert Well Pet Clinic on Facebook at

Charles County

Contact Pat Parrish of Help for Pets at 301-643-3049.

St. Mary’s County

Contact Kim Holt of Pets in Need in Southern Maryland at 301-481-9118 or find Hungry Tummies by Pets in Need on Facebook at You can also find Pets in Need on Facebook at

To qualify, pets benefitting from these services should be spayed or neutered. If your pet isn’t altered, these organizations can help owners find low-cost spay and neuter services.

Please share this post! There are many families in Southern Maryland who need help feeding their pets to that they can keep their pets.


2 thoughts on “Pet Food Banks in Southern Maryland

    1. Hello — I no longer live in Southern Maryland and am not involved in the groups linked in the post. Contact them directly to get help. If you’re not in Southern Maryland, check with your local vets, shelters/humane societies, or food banks to see if there are similar services available in your area. I hope you get the help you need. ❤


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