Bluestar’s Next Move

I was so excited Saturday afternoon when Bluestar rolled over while I was petting her and purred up a storm.

But the days in a cage wore on her, and by the evening, she was back to hanging out at the back of her cage and not coming forward when I walked toward her. She took a swipe and hissed while I filled her food and water. Her posture and movements told me that she was scared and confused, and she wanted out. Who could blame her?

Bluestar needs something we can’t give her at our house right now: More space and time. I knew going in to this that keeping her in a big cage in my garage for too long might not work and could be too stressful on her.

Why didn’t we bring her inside? Part was logistics. If Bluestar wanted nothing to do with people, it would be difficult (and dangerous to everyone) to get a terrified cat into a carrier or trap.

The second reason was for the safety of the five cats currently living at my house. Bluestar had been inside for just a few days, and while she appears to be perfectly healthy, we know little about her health. All the cats in the house are up-to-date on their vaccines, we didn’t want to share worms or fleas or something else.

So I made the call Sunday morning to move her to the outdoor home I had lined up for her. During her acclimation period to her new home, she’ll have a lot of space, other kitty companions, and big windows and cat trees. She’ll also have plenty of human interaction, so if Bluestar decides people are A-OK, she could go into foster care. Or, she could get a “job” as a barn cat.

And if not, she’s got a safe forever home with people who will love her and care for her as long as she lives.

She’s there now, and I was promised updates. It was hard to say goodbye, but life is going to be good for Bluestar. I just know it.


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