Dear Bluestar

Dear Bluestar,

Right now, I know you’re scared and confused and probably a little mad, too. It’s OK. I understand. You weren’t expecting what just happened to you.

But I swear to you, pretty kitty, that today is the first day of the safest part of your life. I never told you this, but I worried every time I drove through the neighborhood that I’d see you dead on the side of the road. I worried that someone else would spot you and call animal control.

Tomorrow, you’ll go to the vet. They’ll do a surgery on you (unless you’ve already had it!) and give you a shot. When you’re done, you’ll come home with me, and we’ll go from there. Maybe you’ll decide humans are not that bad, and we’ll find you a loving home.

Or maybe you’ll miss the outdoors too much. That’s OK, too. I have a loving outdoor home lined up for you, just in case.

No matter what choice you make, you’re safe now, Bluestar.

Love, The Food Lady


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