A Makeshift Shelter for Bluestar

I love rainy days, and when we get a few in a row, I don’t mind. But we’re in the middle of a stretch of rain here in Southern Maryland, and I feel for my outdoor cats when it rains for days. When I saw Bluestar come for lunch yesterday, her fur was wet, and Fireheart looked just miserable when he stopped by for dinner last night.

Fireheart at dinner last night.

It’s not much, but we wanted to offer a little shelter to Bluestar, Fireheart, and any other kitty that comes by to eat the next couple of days. A little furniture moving, a tarp, and some clamps later, we have a makeshift tent so that at least they can escape the rain for a little bit while they eat. I put some straw in a litter box in case anyone wants a nap. We have a shelter on the deck, but no one has climbed into it yet. Maybe a bed will be more their style.

The cats’ rain shelter. I wonder if anyone will take a nap.

Or, maybe I’ll be hosing out a litter box this weekend. It’s anyone’s guess.

I’ve got a plan for Bluestar and her friends, but there are a couple of details I need to work out. If anyone in Southern Maryland is looking for barn cats, please let me know! I’d like to move these guys out of my neighborhood and into a situation that’s safer. It’s too busy here.


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