Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day!

We’re lucky enough to live with two mini panthers, and while we celebrate them every day, today’s the perfect day to show them off to the world. It’s Black Cat Appreciation Day!

Permanent resident Aine is Queen of Cats.

Black cats get a bad rap. They’re accused of causing bad luck for merely walking by you. Around Halloween, many shelters won’t adopt out black cats because they’re worried about the cats’ safety during that time of the year. For the rest of the year, the myths about black cats make them harder for shelters and rescue groups to adopt out.

Silly foster cat Poe loves to nap near someone.

All of this is totally crazy, of course, because black cats are awesome! They’re no different than any other cat, and we can tell you from experience that the black cats we know are playful, silly, sweet, and affectionate. In fact, Aine and Poe are both major snugglers!

So, on Black Cat Appreciation Day, do yourself a favor and get to know a black cat!


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