The Benefits of Adopting Bonded Cats

My current foster cats, Dickens and Poe, have seen a lot in their short lives. They were rescued from a busy parking lot where drug were being sold, and their siblings and other cats were being killed by cars.

These brothers have relied on each other to survive for their whole lives, through multiple foster homes and even a couple of attempts at permanent homes. Each time, they had each other to count on for comfort and play.

Dickens and Poe are a bonded pair, which means they need to be adopted together. They’re likely to be depressed and scared if separated.


Shelters and rescue organizations have a hard time placing bonded pairs into permanent homes. Most adopters want one cat at a time – unless they’re adopting kittens. Putting two adult cats into a home together is daunting for some people.

Why Adopt Bonded Cats

But there are many good reasons to adopt a bonded pair of adult cats like Dickens and Poe.

They already get along. No careful introductions, no wondering whether your current cat will like your new cat. A bonded pair already loves each other.

Instant playmate! Young cats like Dickens and Poe – they’re a year old – are still playful and need a lot of exercise every day. Bonded pairs keep each other busy, and they’re great fun to play with together.

Easy transition. Poe and Dickens comfort each other when they are scared, which they are likely to be when they arrive at their forever home. But as they get more comfortable, they help each other know that the new situation and its people are OK and trustworthy. In our case, Poe is the more outgoing of the two. He came out of his shell first; Dickens has slowly followed.

Save two lives. Bonded pairs are harder to place, and by adopting a pair of cats, you’ll be saving two lives.

Meet My Bonded Fosters, Poe and Dickens

Poe and Dickens turned a year old in May. Poe is a chatty solid black cat. He has lots to say, and he’s not afraid to tell you about it. Dickens is a buff orange tiger with striking amber-colored eyes.

Poe is the more gregarious of the two, but when he wants to wrestle and play, he nearly always starts something with Dickens. They spend a lot of time playing and rolling around with each other. Playful Poe is also a serious lap cat, seeking out a place to relax and be pet when all that playtime is done.

Poe got into a fight with a paper bag … and lost.

Dickens is shy and skittish, and when he gets scared, he snuggles up to Poe. In fact, when both are scared, they huddle together and help each other through it. But don’t let Dickens’ shyness fool you; when he wants a wrestling match, he looks for Poe.

Sweet Dickens has the most beautiful eyes!

A patient owner will be rewarded with a pair of affectionate, playful cats who will love you forever. Poe shows affection with his whole body, pressing his weight into you when he rubs. Dickens is quieter, rolling over for belly rubs when you pet his ears and back.

Dickens and Poe are available for adoption through Rescue Angels of Southern Maryland. They’re currently in foster care in my home, and I would love to introduce you to them. Want to meet them? Contact Rescue Angels to set up a meeting.


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