Meet the Cast: Poe — Updated!

070516-poe-02Status: Adopted 12/10/16!

Birthday: Summer 2015

Coloring: Solid black

Our foster cat Poe is sweet, affectionate, talkative … and a bit mischievous. He’s the cat who will look at you ask he knocks your pen off the table. He’s also the cat who will rub his head against your face to let you know he loves you. He’s a lap cat, and the protector of his brother, Dickens. Poe started out as very shy and scared; since he’s been with us, he’s settled into routine and gotten more comfortable. Sudden moves and loud noises still freak him out, but he doesn’t run away when you walk by him. He and Dickens are bonded; they need to be adopted together.


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